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How the Game Works

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The Cards

There are 3 types of cards: Emotion Cards, Question Cards, and Answer Cards. Everyone has seven Answer Cards in their hand at all times.

The Reveal

At the beginning of each round, a Question card is revealed along with an Emotion card.

The Drama

Players take their turn responding to the Question by making up stories that incorporate one or more Answer Cards of their choice. While they answer, they must express the given Emotion for that round.

The Verdict

The Questioner awards the Emotion Card to the player who gave the most convincing portrayal of the Emotion that round, and the Question Card to the player who gave the most amusing answer. The same player can win both cards. The first player to collect 10 cards wins the game.

Each round, one player reveals a question card and an emotion card. Everyone else incorporates an idea from an answer card in their hand to answer the question while acting in the given emotion. The more drama, the better!

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  • It isn't just about the cards, it's about you and your friends twisting them into unexpected, funny answers
  • High replay value – each session takes on a different flavor
  • Takes just minutes to learn

So...when are we actually gonna be able to play this game?



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"This game is liberating"

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